posted by Mike on May 29th, 2008

Is bottled water from the devil?
Today the Poland Spring guy was making a delivery in downtown Worcester. The woman accepting the delivery told him that some churches were encouraging a boycott of bottled water.

He said, “I guess I’ll boycott church, how’s that.”

I don’t think a persuasive case has been made against bottled water in progressive circles. It’s not uncommon for someone to walk into a meeting of activists, plunk a case of bottled water on the table, and say, “Look what I brought!”, while about half the people scowl at him.

I’ve never had much interest in bottled water, but just because it seemed nuts, not for political reasons. I used to drink a lot of San Pellegrino sparkling water back in the day. My office gets bottled water delivered, though not from Poland Spring.

Utah Phillps has died
He was very connected with the Catholic Worker movement, via Ammon Hennacy. Lots of YouTubes about him.

Oprah: temporary vegan
Did you know that Oprah Winfrey has gone vegan for 21 days as part of a “cleanse?” She’s also mentioned the ethical dimension of abstaining from animals. I first went vegan for a mere 7 days, and for similarly goofy (though different) reasons. I bet that for thousands of the people joining Oprah, that first taste of veganity will be irresistable.

Worcester’s original peoples
WCCA TV13 now has a locally-produced talk show about Native American affairs, Drum of the People.

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