508 #37: Sitting on a couch

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, I sat on a couch with Brendan Melican and Jeff Barnard and talked about the city. Here’s a photo of us.


Relevant links: The Catholic Free Press ran a better story about the Planned Parenthood hearing than the T&G; the T&G moderates comments in odd ways; Start On The Park is a great arts event Sunday 11am-4pm in Beaver Brook Park; Claire Schaeffer-Duffy was found guilty for her Gitmo protest; Mike’s federal trial is in a couple weeks, please come out and support him; last night we rejected Worcester’s lame marketing slogans at the Dive Bar. (And Kate Toomey bought Mike a beer!)

People at the Dive Bar representing Worcesterite, I Heart Peanut Butter, 4-rilla, Daily Worcesteria, Wormtown Taxi, and Pie and Coffee.

Also: Worcester Magazine wrote about Charter’s web monitoring plans, despite Charter being one of their biggest advertisers; Bruce Russell has been entered into the “We Got the Beat” casting call; the InCity Times celebrate’s Godwin’s Law; the diocese should make better use of its young Catholics; Mike’s new favorite blog is Cascading Waters.

Note: Brendan recommends this Ted talk on letting your kids do “dangerous” things; Mike name-drops Ted speaker Paul Rothemund.

And: You can sign up to be a poll worker, and we plan to interview renegade blogger Marc Reese.

Plus: We’re really mad about that kid who got suspended for having a bullet casing.

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4 thoughts on “508 #37: Sitting on a couch”

  1. I know it’s a rather insignificant matter but, seeing as you guys seem to be at least somewhat tech savvy…I noticed that the file info for the podcast mp3 isn’t really filled out, and therefore won’t scrobble on last.fm, just thought you may want to fix that.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I know archive.org does some of this file header magic when it derives the mp3. I’ll look into this. Maybe I should be filling out those fields for the source FLAC also?

  3. I should, in all fairness, note, that about half the posts at the GWLT Lodge log are posted by Executive Director Colin Novick, posting as “Caretaker at the Lodge.” (there’s a slight difference in tone) It depends on who gets outside first.

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