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posted by Mike on June 4th, 2008

St. Bernard’s against bottled water
Last week I mentioned an odd incident in downtown Worcester. A Poland Spring guy was making a delivery on the street, and the woman accepting the delivery told him that some churches were encouraging a boycott of bottled water.

He said, “I guess I’ll boycott church, how’s that.”

Turns out it wasn’t just any churches–the Telegram & Gazette ran a story that morning about Sister Rena May at St. Bernard’s:

In fact, if you attend Mass at St. Bernard’s or are a member of St. Joan of Arc Parish, she will ask you to sign a pledge card vowing to stop buying bottled water and drink from the tap. She says selling water for profit threatens the public’s access to fresh water and that safeguarding clean water for public use is integral to her calling.

“I’m a Franciscan, so I naturally go very well with the environment and trying to protect it,” Sister Gagnon said.

If you’re curious about Worcester tap water, watch this video by Dan Dick.

Darth Cheney
My fellow radical Catholic West Virginian Michael Iafrate thinks Dick Cheney’s stupid WV incest joke was part of a long pattern of “imperial” repression of Appalachia. I think it’s more from anxiety than malice; Cheney, the spawn of a demon and an evil robot, must be both fascinated and confused by human sexuality.

Good God, y’all
Whether you dislike war or love hiking, Edwin Starr has got the goods.

Making your own fun
I am really pleased with this week’s Snow Ghost Community Show, about “making your own fun” in Worcester.

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