508 #42: Car and Catholic conventions

posted by Mike on July 4th, 2008

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel includes Brendan Melican and Jeff Barnard.


After a short attempt to remain a parks commissioner, Bruce Wahle has stepped down. The auto event called the Summer Nationals is in Worcester this weekend; lots of blogging by Jeff, and a great interview with the founder in Worcester Magazine.

Tom Lewis’s retrospective art show has opened. The head of AIDS Project Worcester wrote a strong rebuttal to a letter by Barbara Haller and Billy Breault. The T&G had a nice photo of the fireworks; many more on Flickr. The whole Charter/NebuAd/customer betrayal thing is unravelling; kudos to WoMag for covering it, and fie on the T&G for ignoring it. Security Now has a two part podcast explaining the technology and issues involved in this sort of thing.

Mike talks about the Catholic Worker gathering and rosary trial update, already blogged here. Central Street is still not named after MLK. A local was busted for buying fake drugs. People like real drugs. (We talk about drug legalization in Massachusetts at length.) Mike reads some Jordan Levy headlines.

The City Council will discuss street vendors again on Tuesday, and likely vote on whether to restrict their activities. If you support vendors, it’s not a waste of time to contact your councilor, because they’re still divided on the issue.

The Union Station garage isn’t open; some of the vacancies there will be filled. There is cool art in Elm Park.

Piedmont Street: A campaign office focusing on registered Dominican voters living in Worcester?

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