“The curious case of the protest permit”

posted by Mike on July 14th, 2008

This week’s Worcester Magazine does a great job explaining the latest pre-trial motions and letters in our “rosary trial”:

Usually, says Schaeffer-Duffy, giving advance notification of a protest means you’ll be arrested as soon as you show up. So the fact that the marshals and police waited for the group to finish almost made them feel like they were getting off with no trouble. The wait, says Schaeffer-Duffy, is “unprecedented” in his experience.

As for Bell’s claims that the group was given a card to contact the building manager, Schaeffer-Duffy says no one remembers that happening.

“Should it be true that such a permit exists, and we can obtain one … we will be scheduling regular protests [at the courthouse]. It’s a win-win. We’re going to take it at face value and pursue it.”

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