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posted by Mike on September 14th, 2008

The whole Dianne Williamson-Rosalie Tirella thing
I didn’t find the Dianne Williamson column that started the latest round in this feud very interesting; strange, because so many of the elements would normally appeal to me.

I re-read the column, and when I got to this phrase I found part of the problem:

. . . InCity Times, a small newspaper that purports to speak for blue-collar folks but is actually a vehicle for Ms. Tirella to practice her peculiar brand of yellow, slash-and-burn journalism . . .

This is incorrect. InCity Times is a small newspaper that speaks for blue-collar folks and a vehicle for Ms. Tirella to practice her peculiar brand of yellow, slash-and-burn journalism. And a couple of other things as well.

Williamson’s take is disappointing. Why reduce a fascinating, three-dimensional character to one?

Too often local writers do this, and it drives me crazy. They start with a complex, flavorful, spicy reality, then dilute it way down, punching it up at the last stage with cheap adulterants (in this case, personal rancor).

Also: RT’s offensive response to this article has been posted and removed from several websites, the latest being Worcester Indymedia.

“Spirit of America” in Rochester
The “Spirit of America” is a pageant celebrating our nation’s wars, designed to recruit school-age attendees into the military. It’s coming to Worcester September 19-20, and people will be demonstrating against militarism outside.

It was recently in Rochester, where some of the locals responded thus:

Several were dressed as historical figures such as Emma Goldman, Henry David Thoreau and Dwight Eisenhower.

“I believe the Spirit of America is really intended to get our young people to see the military in a way that makes them want to enlist,” said Kathy Castania, a member of the Rochester Against War Theater Group who dressed as the Statue of Liberty. “What about people who have spoken out against war? Where is the government-sponsored event that shows their voices?”

Peggy Gefell of Rochester was dressed as Dorothy Day, a pacifist and co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement.

“Peace is patriotic,” she told young people who walked into the arena. “You don’t have to join the military.”

Dagwood As Kali

Also: Jeff As Kali

via Worcester’s own Daily Panel

“Jesus Is My Friend
via Iafrate:

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

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