I dreamed I saw Tom Lewis last night

Tom LewisAlive as he could be.
“Tom,” I said, “You’re one year dead.”
“I never died,” said he,
“I never died,” said he.

Tom said, “When people pray for peace
Or paint what’s good and fair,
Whenever people fill the jails,
Tom Lewis will be there.
Tom Lewis will be there.

“When people open up their homes
Or serve soup on the street,
Assuming that I don’t get lost,
Tom Lewis you will meet.
Tom Lewis you will meet.”

And standing there as short as life,
Two caps upon his head,
Tom hugged me and before I woke
He whispered, “I ain’t dead.”
He whispered, “I ain’t dead.”

Today’s the anniversary of Tom Lewis’s death. Matt Feinstein was singing “I Dreamed I Saw Tom Lewis Last Night” at a party late last year–seems fitting.

I haven’t dreamt about Tom in months, but I think about him every day.

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