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P&C’s Michael Paulukonis was part of the team behind Skipscreen, the red-hot “free Firefox add-on that lets you skip all the clicking and waiting on sites like RapidShare, Zshare, MegaUpload, and Sharebee.” 120,000 downloads this week–congrats!

Mozart: music pirate
Charming musical post about “Gregorio Allegri’s arrangement of Psalm 51” from Rocco Palmo, just in time for Holy Week.

Are protests effective?
Management prof Brayden King says yes. I’m eager to dig into the research to see if any strategies seem to be more effective than others.

Speaking of protests, a friend send along this article about G20 protestors chanting “THIS IS NOT A RIOT” while being shoved by police. Impressive discipline!

Infamous Catholic Worker Ciaron O’Reilly tells of being “circled and shaken-down” praying the rosary during the G20 protests:

6 of them with 12 weapons, 3 of us with a bible, rosary beads and liturgy sheet. I like these odds.

(Of personal interest for obvious reasons.)

“You (and I) got Darfur Wrong”
Christopher Lydon interviews Mahmood Mamdani about distortions in the way we understand the conflicts in Darfur:

I need to convince that audience that there is a politics around this — not simply good intentions and moralism and a fight against evil.

This is another one with personal interest. As time goes on, I realize more and more how incomplete my understanding of the situation in Sudan has been these past few years. I think the things I have done have been helpful, and I don’t regret anything I’ve advocated. But no doubt I would have done some things differently if I’d had a wider perspective, and maybe more effectively.

For tomorrow:
Song for Holy Saturday

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