Do Catholic Workers go to church? and other items

posted by Mike on June 11th, 2009

Last week, a friend asked: Do Catholic Workers go to church? His impression was that the answer was No, and that “not going to church was part of the thing.”

I would say, by-and-large, the answer is Yes.

  • The Catholic Worker movement is decentralized, and there’s nobody in a position to enforce these things.
  • Many folks in Catholic Worker communities are not Catholic or not church-goers.
  • That said, based on visits to dozens of communities and meetings with hundreds of Catholic Workers, I think that most Catholic Workers are at least occasional churchgoers.
  • Some Catholic Workers make churchgoing a priority. Co-founder Dorothy Day attended mass every day. There are Catholic Workers who are priests, nuns, and deacons. On this website, we have archived many homilies from masses at the Mustard Seed Catholic Worker in Worcester. I think most of those who go to mass there on Fridays also attend at their own churches on Sundays.

Guantanamo Uighurs to be released to Palau, Bermuda?
This is years overdue. Having spent a good chunk of 2009 agitating for their release, I’m still not very satisfied. Time will tell how this works out–some of them seemed to have ended up in Bermuda rather than Palau.

Rick Rushton, gangsta councilor
A friend passes along this exchange from Councilor Rushton’s Facebook wall:

Frederick Corr Rushton can’t shake the line “Mix em and cook em in a pot like gumbo” ….
May 27 at 11:27am

Kevin Murray at 11:56am May 27

Frederick Corr Rushton at 2:32pm May 27
straight outta compton…is Ricky’s 7th birthday today…getting him the Striaght Outta Compton album


George Plimpton, RIP
My personal Worcester summer theme song will be Jonathan Coulton’s “A Talk with George.”

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