What’s made in Worcester?

posted by Mike on June 23rd, 2009

I’ve heard it said that, time was, part of every product in the US was made in Worcester.

Now, of course, this is hardly the case. But Worcester still has its share of factories and the like.

I’m trying to compile a list of things, especially consumer products, made in Worcester. Feel free to e-mail me or add a comment with your suggestions.

Sports equipment


  • Kahr handguns (a href=”http://www.portfolio.com/careers/features/2007/09/17/Unification-Church”>background)



  • Saint-Gobain sandpaper


Prepared food

  • Polar beverages
  • Table Talk pies
  • Dr. Gonzo’s condiments
  • Pickle factory on Mason St
  • Bay State Bakery


  • You can buy produce from YouthGrow’s garden in Main South

From 1914: A ready reference hand book of Worcester made products

Thanks to Brendan, Tracy, Dr. Gonzo, 4rilla, Greg, WBJ, and Destination Worcester for suggestions.

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  1. On February 26, 2010 at 06:33 Ivonne Perez said:

    The first valentine’s in the US were made by Esther Howling of Worcester in the mid 1800’s. The other company that made and sold Valentine and Halloween cards in Worcester was the George Whitney Company in Worcester, MA. The Whitney cards were stamped, “Worcester Made”. Even though these companies are no longer in business, they were the first in the US and their products are now highly collectible.

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