508 #85: Grace Ross

posted by Mike on September 25th, 2009

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, Brendan Melican and I talk with Grace Ross, candidate for District 4 City Councilor.


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Also: Mike reads a great letter in Worcester Magazine and begins a Clay-Shirky-inspired rant he doesn’t have time to finish.

The “85%” number suggests 2 projects I didn’t have time to mention on the show.

  1. Figure out how the number was calculated, then apply it to our local situation. I’ve measured the T&G against the Worcester blogosphere in the past. How do they compare by this measure>
  2. Figure out if there are ways Worcester’s bloggers can be one of the 17 5%s Shirky suggests we work towards. Along these lines, start guessing how many reporters are needed to cover City Hall, the police, the schools, and so on, and estimate how a nonprofit doing that job would compare in size with other local nonprofits.

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In the coming weeks we will be interviewing Bill McCarthy and Rob Diaz. Feel free to suggest questions in the comments below.

Just the Ross interview:

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