Patty Angevine and other Thanksgiving items

posted by Mike on November 26th, 2009

Patty AngevineNice profile of local Catholic Worker and awesome person Patty Angevine in the Telegram and Gazette. Among other things, she co-founded the great soup kitchen at St. John’s. (Note that it’s rarer than you might think for Catholic Workers, like Patty, to work professionally in social services.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Iafrate makes the case against Thanksgiving, then admits:

. . . I am not about to be so politically smug that I would simply refuse to participate in my own family’s traditions.

Me neither. I love celebrating a fall feast with family, and I love celebrating a utopia in which natives and immigrants could co-exist. I’d embrace a chance to have a more honest celebration without giving up the joy.

Don’t forget that the day after Thanksgiving is Buy Nothing Day. I’ll be doing my bit to “keep the Christ in Christmas” by keeping myself out of the mall. For a great example of a joyous Buy Nothing Day, see Mark Dixon’s 49 Hours at Wal-Mart.

Worcester Police on Twitter

The WPD’s Twitter feed makes me wonder when we’ll see our first Worcester crime blogger. Seems like anyone could gather quite a bit of info with a computer, police scanner, and telephone.

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  1. On November 26, 2009 at 19:21 Nicole said:

    Regarding the WPD Twitter feed — I would love to see someone with some knowledge and enthusiasm take that up.

    For my own minor journalistic efforts, I feel like I need to show up on College Hill on some weekend nights and check out the Mardi Gras scene. (Or, when I’m more awake, show up the morning after the Mardi Gras scene to check out the damage…)

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