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508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Greg Opperman and Brendan Melican.[display_podcast]

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A skull was found in the woods near the neighborhood; not much more is known.

Some Atlantic Union students eschewed shoes for a day to “call attention to Third World children”. We talk about hookworms and the whole barefoot running thing.

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As part of the Who Shot Rock & Roll photography exhibit a the Worcester Art Museum, there’s a side exhibit with local photos called “Wormtown Rocks.” Greg talks about the photos, Worcester’s Michael Jackson kid, and Louie’s bar photography. (Louie’s book is “Five Months”.) Today’s 508 is taped in the same room as the grand prize winning pic. (If you’re interested in this sort of stuff, you might also watch this video of a 2008 Bone Zone house show in Worcester. Sam’s prominent here, too.)

There will be a Tea Party protest in Worcester April 15; expect counter-protestors (thread here) and “local anti-capitalists”. (Also: Worcester Tea Partiers mentioned in TIME.) Mike spent Tax Day 2009 protesting in the same area as, though not with, the Washington, DC event.

5 thoughts on “508 #108: Items of interest”

  1. Would it be possible to create chapters for your show? Or, when editing the material, could you tell at what point in the show’s duration you will discuss a given topic?

    For example:

    “Tea parties”: @19:00 minutes.

  2. I had a lot of issues with the discussion of the skull.

    First, there was a suggestion that the primary business of all police is preventing crime, which is a bit like saying that firefighters should be out preventing fires, instead of waiting for those ninnies who call 911. One can only wonder what the purpose of detectives is.

    Second, and this is my larger objetion, there was an implication that if the skull has been there for sixty years, that this is a waste of resources. I wasn’t aware that there was a statue of limitations on families giving a crap about a loved one. My grandmother’s twin brother disappeared nearly SEVENTY years ago, and if someone knocked on her door tomorrow and told her that her brother’s remains had been found, I seriously doubt her answer would be, “Oh, that’s nice, but you’ve come twenty years too late, because I just don’t care any more.” On the contrary, my whole family would be grateful to find out what exactly happened to my uncle. No matter how long it’s been,

    That skull belongs to someone’s mother or son, to someone’s uncle or cousin. Just because someone dies homeless or has remains in a secluded spot does not mean that there is no one who cares. So, please show a little respect to the people in this city, in this state, in this country, and on this planet, who continue to wait, not for the return of their loved one, but simply for news about how that person passed away.

    That skull could give someone a tremendous amount of comfort and closure. Even if it has been there for sixty years.

  3. Anthony: Good ideas. I’ll try adding times to the show notes next week and see how that works.

    Nicole: Right on.

  4. Mike: Seriously, though, if you ever wear those shoes again, you need to put up a warning on the screen. It’s like seeing those socks with a separate spot for every toe. Nothing strikes fear in my feet more than that.

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