Sue and Bill Frankel-Streit on the cover of “Style” magazine

Catholic Workers are constantly being profiled, but you gotta love this article, from Richmond’s alt-weekly Style.

An awesome cover and solid writing:

BILL FRANKEL-STREIT and his wife, Sue, did not fight once during their first year of marriage, largely because the state of New York was holding them in separate prisons.

Here’s some video of Bill and 13 others holding an illegal memorial service in the US Capitol rotunda for 3 detainees who died at Guantanamo. Sue is in there too:

And here’s a video of Bill by Casey Burnett from the year before, driving around DC:

One thought on “Sue and Bill Frankel-Streit on the cover of “Style” magazine”

  1. I read the article about Sue and Bill with interest, and really enjoyed it. I can’t help noticing that after they go to jail, get out and have kids together, tho, the article (and certainly the pictures) mostly focuses on Bill and his activism. While his activism is certainly laudable, I see this pattern with lots of profiled activist couples: after you get married and start a home life, the man gets to do most of the cool “visible” actions… at least, the ones that get covered by the press. It’s awesome to take action against war and injustice for the rest of our lives, and that should include looking at patriarchy and breaking up even it’s most subtle patterns. Women need role models that show us that our activism, too, can be supported in visible ways after marriage / couple-dom.

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