508 #124: Worcester World Cup

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Tom Khoury, Billy, Laura Suroviak, and Brendan Melican.


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[0:00] The “Worcester World Cup” soccer tournament is coming up this weekend. The Liberian team will win.

[6:30] The City Council is still considering a pit bull crackdown. We still think this is a bad idea.

[11:35] The city should crack down on sharks.

[12:27] The # of registered dogs in the city have declined 15% this year. ???

[14:00] World Cup organizer Laura Suroviak reads the list of represented nations.

Mike apologizes for acting like a jerk.

[15:08] A mayor’s-task-force report this week looked at what Worcester could do to attract business. Brendan talks about taxes.

[20:13] Mike is acting like a jerk.

[20:50] The T&G keeps writing about the Center for Immigration Studies without noting the extent of their anti-immigration line.

[23:56] Mike apologizes for acting like a jerk.

[24:14] The T&G still hasn’t added a paywall to their website. “Empty threats.” Mike’s household finally cancelled their print subscription. They now have a mobile version at mobiletg.com which, on first glance, feels much easier to use than the regular site. (It still, annoyingly, includes lots of non-local stuff above the fold.)



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