508 #126: District 13 primary

posted by Mike on September 3rd, 2010

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Brendan Melican and Mike Benedetti.


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[0:17] The only drug paraphernalia this week is from alcohol.

[1:09] Disclaimers. Brendan is working for the Steve Grossman for Treasurer campaign; Mike is considering not voting at all.

[1:37] We are a bit disappointed in the campaigning of the Democratic candidates for the District 13 state rep seat.

[7:51] Mike is still mad that Spammin’ John Mahoney spammed him when running for City Council a few years back. Mike un-dorses Mahoney.

[18:03] We’ll talk more about the T&G paywall on another show. Thanks to Victor and everyone else for keeping the conversation interesting.

[19:24] We said we’d give out a prize if we had 500 Facebook fans by today. We have 499 (no fooling). Can we get to 750 by the end of September?

[20:05] Local bloggers have started a “Wormtown Fleet” photo project to make up for the lack of photos from the ailing Jeff Barnard. Below, the kid twirling the Don Sharry sign in Tatnuck Square. Oh, if only this was Gary Rosen instead…


[21:48] Mike missed some sort of scandal about politicians not paying taxes properly on the interest income from their campaign funds, and for some reason does not care.

[23:38] Louie made some nice National Recovery Act shirts.

[24:14] We talk about the Republicans hoping to take Jim McGovern’s US Rep seat. Marty Lamb put out a campaign barf bag and may or may not be an accomplished ultrarunner. Mike Stopa “is a raving lunatic.” I guess we could endorse Brian Herr here.

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  1. On September 4, 2010 at 14:29 Joe Scully said:

    For sheer comedic value, you have to encourage Marty Lamb’s candidacy.

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