508 #127: Irish

posted by Mike on September 10th, 2010

508 is a show about Worcester. Today’s panel is Ken Peterson and Brendan Melican.


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[0:30] The podchraoladh endorses wheredoivotema.com, your source of Massachusetts voting info.

[1:45] Ken is teaching Irish in Webster. A new class starts Thursday. There are also Irish classes in Worcester.

[5:56] The demolition of the downtown mall has begun unofficially, and will begin officially next week. (For some reason Mike keeps referring to the mall as CitySquare, the project slated to replace it.)

[7:38} The city passed some sort of pit bull-related ordinance. Or something. We may have to get back to you on this one.

[7:42] Mike thinks Worcester Magazine on Tap is cursed.

[9:51] The Canal Fests are this weekend. Pet Rock too. Also, Pride Week begins. Scott Schaeffer-Duffy might win the Canal Diggers race.

[10:50] If we have at least 508 Facebook friends by next week’s show, one of them will win a prize.

[11:28] The Worcester Blogger Coffee is this weekend.

[12:17] stART on the Street is next week.

[13:20] Worcester Magazine’s cover story is about sex in the city. Mike wonders about Womag’s lack of sex ads, even as Craigslist is being lambasted over these sorts of ads.

[15:54] Ken recommends a preschool.

[17:19] Wind.

[19:19] Mike notes that Don Sharry isn’t endorsed in a pro-life e-mail posted by Jay G. (Nor are the other D13 Dems.)

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