508 #130: Earthy smell

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panelist is Brendan Melican.[display_podcast]

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[0:29] There is an “earthy smell.”

[2:03] Mike reviews this year’s Mystery Band concert. Here’s a video from an older one.

[5:22] City Councilor Joff Smith accused of being soul-less, shorter than 5’10”.

[7:20] Two Worcester colleges are still holding out on making “payments in lieu of taxes” to the city, Assumption and Holy Cross. Mike wonders if this is because they really don’t need to make the sort of zoning/land deals with the city that were a part of previous PILOT arrangements. Brendan thinks they may be negotiating PILOT deals as we speak.

[11:00] The Telegram ran a hilarious story about people trying to ban K2, an incense laced with a marijuana analog. It’s funny to think that a year after marijuana possession was decriminalized in Massachusetts, any drug user would consider an alternative that is, by most accounts, inferior. Brendan: “Just because someone fills a bowl with something, doesn’t mean you should smoke it.”

4 thoughts on “508 #130: Earthy smell”

  1. Perhaps I should petition the City Council to put up one of those charts that people tack up on closet doors to measure their kids’ growth.

    Incidentally, I don’t look at not being 5’10” as an insult. Being low to the ground is a good thing — embrace it!

  2. Yeah, it’s washing all of the topsoil from next door into the pond. There’s erosion like nobody’s business over there.

  3. Hmm.. Pie & Coffee should make the archives easier to search, perhaps monthly by year or something so I could catch up on the history of Worcester. Just a suggestion.

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