508 #131: Six months

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Jeff Barnard and Brendan Melican.[display_podcast]

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[0:10] Jeff has now battled cancer for six months.

[3:41] The animal circus is in town; some are protesting it.

[4:07] As expected, CitySquare has bought Notre Dame church.

[4:50] Aiden Duffy’s art show at FYC opens Saturday, Oct 9, 6pm, 420 Pleasant Street.

[5:02] There’s an energy barnraising Sunday as part of the international day of climate action.

[6:12] The Globe profiled Worcester’s Mandaeans.

[7:09] The PIP Shelter is still open; Paulie doesn’t like how Councilor Haller is handling the end game.

[8:32] The next Worcester Magazine on Tap is October 14 at Worcester Fitness.

[9:54] The next Blogger Coffee is October 17.

[11:20] It’s a good month to adopt a dog.

[11:24] We must, of course, complain about newspaper paywalls.

[13:13] There’s now a Worcester edition of the street newspaper Spare Change.

[15:05] We talk about the whole 4rilla/Kate Toomey/CSX trash thing because we can’t get Neil on the phone himself.

[23:50] Numerous small controversies whirling around the InCity Times this week. Tony Hmura demands PILOT credit, Tirella creeped out by Evangelidis, more police stops, Janice Harvey column dissing ICT “spiked.”

4 thoughts on “508 #131: Six months”

  1. Interesting perspectives on the back and forth re csx.
    I merely thanked them for their recent donation, I didn’t say that was all they should do. Just that I acknowledged what I hope to be a trend.
    Neil, rightfully, is upset, as I would be and am, about the trash on the tracks near his place of residence. When I pressed him for details, I was thrilled that he posted the photos, because a picture, as we all know, is worth a thousand words. I immediately sent them to CSX, and within 6 hours received a response which I posted. The short of it is that there IS a plan to purchase cameras and a cleanup this fall….it is moving forward as the district councilor had a meeting with the administration this past week regarding the impending cleanup. I think people are looking at this the wrong way. I am thrilled that Neil was able to communicate, and that I was able to respond. I can assure you I will be following up. I have had many conversations with CSX about cleaning their property and asked for a planned cleanup schedule at one of the last meetings we had with the joint sub-committee.
    I think this all happened the way it should. I also gave information about who to call if people see people dumping. We all have to work together to get things accomplished…and if it took me being “nice” in acknowledging a small donation, then I would say it is working out.
    I will be very happy when this gets cleaned up.

  2. I just noticed that my art show was mentioned in this post. I want to thank everyone who came and let everyone know that the art is still up if anyone wants to see it.

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