508 #136: Ciclovida

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Matt Feinstein, Sergio Castillo, Stephanie Richardson, and Brendan Melican.[display_podcast]

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[0:42] The East Coast premiere of Matt’s documentary “Ciclovida” is tonight.

[10:55] Re-elected US Rep Jim McGovern had surgery for cancer.

[11;28] Re-elected state senator Hariette Chandler is suing her Republican competitor for lying in campaign ads.

[14:22] We are excited about getting Marty Lamb on the show.

[15:35] Anthony Hmura takes out an ad praising our troops, criticizing our wars saying “Compared to us, Hitler was a saint!”

[15:50] Mike thinks he missed a blogger beer, but it’s actually next week.

[15:55] Matt and Mike went to a “pop-up” restaurant in Worcester.

[16:45] We will start covering a T&G sale once the sale happens, not before.

[16:50] Worcester Assistant City Manager Julie Jacobsen is a finalist for Auburn Town Manager. Would Auburn make her move there? Would this make her a good candidate for PharmaSphere Scapegoat when that project officially collapses?

[17:27] More Ciclovida.

Next week: Worcester adopts widespread vehicular surveillance!

3 thoughts on “508 #136: Ciclovida”

  1. I’d definately say that Party Harder was my favorite episode. That dance rally was the absolute epitome of this years election and it was a pleasure watching and hearing about it

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