508 #141: Conspiracy theories

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Brendan Melican. We talk about The Pulse’s “Ones to Watch” list; last year we did an in-depth analysis. We revisit the “travel spending scandals” of city employees. Today is Orthodox Christmas. The weather in Nairobi is better than the weather in Worcester. There’s a Worcester Magazine article about the PharmaSphere phiasco; Bill Randell has some critical thoughts, as do we. (For more background than you probably want, watch our episode on the South Worcester Industrial Park.) The City of Worcester has a list of Social Media & Information Sharing resources; we recommend the police Twitter feed. Also, there was a Dianne Williamson column Brendan liked.


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3 thoughts on “508 #141: Conspiracy theories”

  1. We had to edit this out of about 4 separate conversations, because the call kept getting dropped. (As opposed to last week’s call, which was glitch-free.) Likely we repeated ourselves a bit.

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