508 #142: Cheaters?

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Tracy Novick and Brendan Melican.


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There’s an MCAS cheating/testing irregularities scandal in the Worcester schools.

PharmaSphere’s parent company had some negative financial news.

The Telegram & Gazette is outsourcing home delivery. Mike wonders if this will affect their business throwing trash in people’s yards.

There is snow; people are working (or taping podcasts) from home.

You can get your engagement announcement into Bride & Groom for free (if for some reason you are unable to get a Facebook account).

Mike has very little background on the closing of the PIP Shelter and the moving of those services to Jacques Ave.

Mike was hit by a dog.


4 thoughts on “508 #142: Cheaters?”

  1. a) The Goddard school hushup—not hard hitting enough, City is being fed a bunch of baloney on this, sad results. Even sadder is the fact that the School Comm is doing nothing to inform the public or parents. Even much sadder is no one cares anymore because the school unions will whine and cry.

    Everyone is being too cute. Pullleezz, am I the only one who can longer stomach this act?

    Great lesson for the kids too.

    And let’s not just lop of Melinda Boone’s head. It might be convenient and would keep the Irish majority intact, but it sounds more like systemic error. Why the delay in getting the word out anyway?

    No Child Left Behind watered down to the point it was useless. The unions laugh. The poorest suffer. The country fails.

    Who’s to blame? Maybe those who remained silent. Or those who voted Democrat. Or who didn’t bother to vote at all.

    b) Boxers are not pit bulls. The two (females) I have had are love bandits and snuggle sluts.

    c) What’s going on with your house, Mike? What’s with all the carpentry? It looks slightly dangerous.

    d) PIP hasn’t closed yet (as of 1/29/11)

    …C’mon you guys really believe those sign guys? Their whole effort is to appeal to the general public’s view that immense services don’t exist when in fact they do. Next time you see one of those guys point them to a program. We are paying for those programs already.

    Not enough credit is given to the social service agencies around here to the low crime rate in Worcester County. The police unions make it a reason to raise their salaries, but it might make more sense for SEIU and the leadership for the agencies to claim credit for ourcity’s low crime rate.

    SMOC closes the PIP. Forty of so current “residents” get transferred to 2-3 local, more restrictive group homes. The PIP was supposed to be temporary shelter; that’s why Main South long time residents are PO’d city leadership.

    The idealism of 1970s turned the PIP experiment into a zombie zone by the 1990s. Having these folks dwell around and around and around the neighborhood just makes it a haven for bad behavior.

    After the PIP closes, how long before they choose the freedom of street life? And we see them again?

    I’m betting 2-3 weeks tops. And I WILL take money on it.

  2. My house this week! We’re having a wall replaced, after replacing the beam on which it rested.

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