508 #145: The Red Shoes

posted by Mike on February 18th, 2011

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Brendan Melican.


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[0:00] Mike won some red shoes in a Fairbridge Project raffle.

[3:52] We are excited about the City’s giant snowblower.

[6:15] You can fill out your city census online.

[8:00] We read the InCity Times on the Goddard testing scandal and the closure of the PIP shelter. We decry the sexual objectification of Gary Rosen.

[18:49] No progress on coworking in Worcester.

[20:00] People met in Worcester this week to discuss resilient communities.
[20:40] On February 4, Finz, the Worcester Sharks’ mascot, was hit by the zamboni.

[24:05] Mike busts out the Nexus S to read Cha-cha Connor’s criticism of this week’s Worcester Magazine cover:

Worcester Magazine: what were you thinking today? Write an article on reproductive rights, and choose, as a cover image, literally a woman’s belly, without even a head? Reproductive rights are about women being allowed to be equal human beings, not state mandated gestational units. But you decided to represent us as just potentially pregnant bellies. The message sent by that photo was unhelpful.

[26:10] Great job, Michael Brazell.

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