Walk for a New Spring in Worcester on Saturday

posted by Mike on February 18th, 2011

I really miss the Nipponzan Myohoji where I lived in DC in 2009. These folks are walking through Worcester this weekend.

Kieran writes:

Saturday, February 19 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Worcester Area Think Tank
36 Harlow st
Worcester, MA

Join marchers from the Leverett Peace Pagoda and from throughout Massachusetts as they arrive in Worcester from Fitchburg.

The Walk for a New Spring is initiated by New England Nipponzan Myohoji, a Japanese Buddhist Order that builds pagodas around the world and initiates walks for peace. They state that, “Just as the generosity of Mother Earth does not fail to bring forth Spring out of Winter, we walk believing that we ordinary people can bring forth the power of peace and equity both within our daily lives locally and within the governmental and economic power structure. We walk for an awakening of conscience, of desiring to do good and putting down harmful actions, believing and esteeming that seed of pure divinity within all people, even those who do much harm”.

The Walk’s aim is to visit communities along our route, listening
to local concerns and solutions and calling for:
End All War
Sustainable Living
Creation of Peace
Putting the well-being of human beings and the natural
world at the center of our thinking rather

Come help welcome monks, nuns, and walkers of all sorts who are walking from Leverett to Boston caring a message of peace. The walkers stop all along the way too have community meetings and discuss peace, war, and environmental issues, and they happen to be stopping in Worcester! The event will be a pot luck, followed by a discussion, and will be held at the Think Tank which is in the old sprinkler factory on Harlow street.

For more information please call Kieran, at 774-239-9698

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