508 #155: Bountiful Harvest

posted by Mike on May 26th, 2011

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Linda Parham and Brendan Melican.[display_podcast]

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You can watch 508 Fridays at 7pm on WCCA TV13.

Linda Parham is applying for a grant to start a “food recycling” program in Worcester, Bountiful Harvest. They’ll take donations of food that would otherwise go to waste, prepare healthy meals, and partner with local groups to distribute the meals. You can help her get the grant by voting online.

T&G circulation figures are now measured with a new metric, so it’s hard to say how circulation is doing. They do report that “readership” is up 5.6% to 381,129.

T&G mistakenly considers Worcester and Providence to be “peers.”

Gabe Rollins, At-Large City Council candidate, has a very professional logo.

Pit bulls. The fiasco continues!

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