508 #194: Tearing Down and Building Up

posted by Mike on June 15th, 2012

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Brendan Melican and (almost) Jose Canseco.


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You can watch 508 Fridays at 7pm on WCCA TV13.

[0:27] A PSA from Brendan.

[1:30] Brendan reads an e-mail.

[2:33] Will the Worcester Courthouse be demolished to discourage a “bad element” from congregating downtown? Probably not.

[3:12] Will the Palladium be demolished because the owner’s taxes are going up? We hope not. Note the existence of multiple online petitions. (See also: American Juggalo (NSFW))

[7:36] “What’s worse: the Juggalos losing their temple, or a gigolo not being able to succeed at Pizzeria Uno?”

[7:55] 508 awards Jose Canseco the Key to the City.

[9:45] How about we tear out the library parking lot for a hockey stadium?

[20:56] Mike reads the Worcester Business Development Corporation’s “about” page.

[21:36] stART on the Street was a triumph.

[22:16] Matt Cain pitched the 22nd “perfect game” in major league baseball history this week.

[22:51] This week is the anniversary of the day in 1880 when the first-ever perfect game was pitched, right here in Worcester.

[23:42] This week is also the anniversary of the day in 1970 when Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter while doing LSD.

[25:03] Brendan predicts a tire fire.

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  1. On June 15, 2012 at 07:59 Nicole said:

    I’d like to correct a mistake — Ghost Hunters has also been to the Higgins Armory, so the Palladium is NOT the only venue from Worcester to have been featured on that show.

    Because “Knights of the Living Dead” was too good a pun to avoid.

  2. On June 18, 2012 at 19:11 Tracy said:

    I, too, parked by the side of the road in Portsmouth. There’s central parking?
    Also, why is our baseball team not called “the Worcester Worcesters”?

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