Obama’s motorcade, 2009 and 2014

posted by Mike on June 11th, 2014

President Obama is in Worcester this afternoon to give a commencement speech at Worcester Technical High School.

His motorcade zoomed down Pleasant and Highland Streets on its way downtown. Lots of folks were out to watch. It was nice, like a little parade.

I was with some friends, holding a “Close Guantanamo” sign. Funnily enough, I saw this motorcade a few times in 2009 in DC just before Obama’s first inauguration, always while I was with friends holding “Close Guantanamo” signs. Everything changes, some things more slowly than others.



Speaking of holding signs along the route: Glorious Hippies From Amherst Showed Up To Protest Obama For Being An Anti-Weed Fascist At Worcester Tech Graduation

Also: Victor: Thoughts on Being Across the Street While My Colleagues are Covering President Obama

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