One thought on “508 #245: NewsBitz”

  1. a) would be nice if you mentioned some local businesses in the Windsor Park area; a little local promo for the Pleasant Café or the fact that you CAN actually buy camel meat at TWO locations there would be interesting for some folks

    b) yes, my life has been incomplete without the 508 show and I am watching reruns, like, ALL the time

    c) I don’t agree that city managers have se their own agenda; it has generally been wavering or ineffectiveness of the C/C. And then a vacuum exists. Lead, follow, get out of the way –or move to Worcester?

    d) the reason the state races get ignored, Brendan, is because everyone is on the same team. We are a homogenized Democratic state. There is no real debate, and you know it. If we were more balanced, we would have a more interesting and more spirited debate on issues. Instead, we are lulled into mediocrity.

    e) Panhan Idling—I love that they are picking up these panhandlers. Quality of life improves. Image improves. There are dozens of social service agencies these panhandlers can go to. Would be great if we could have WPD drones checking on each street corners, and maybe someday actually picking up these folks and dropping them in the pokey.

    f) SWIP—that area will come together with Clark U + the WRTA do more. It does have a terrific location with access to i290, etc. Just need to have visibility from i290 and easy access. In fact that area could be the gateway TO Clark U area.

    g) Marijuana—what is “medical” about this stuff anyway? What the hell does rampant paranoia and having the munchies cure? And can someone please find me a doctor (not licensed “healer”, please) that would recommend inhaling burning leaves? BTW, it’s not the potheads in cars that bother me so much lately as the texters. But how does a cop determine if someone high on weed is high on weed? The quantifiers aren’t there yet.

    h) vegetarian restaurants l…Most ppl like eating meat and meat by products with their highly sugared soft drinks.

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