Affordable Housing in Worcester (508 #324 w/Eleanor Gilmore)

posted by Mike on March 2nd, 2019

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, we talk with Worcester urbanist Eleanor Gilmore about problems and solutions around affordable housing and gentrification in Worcester.

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Show notes:

Measuring Housing Affordability: Assessing the 30 Percent of Income Standard

Worcester gets ‘aggressive’ on affordable housing

Does Upzoning Boost the Housing Supply and Lower Prices? Maybe Not.

Boston has always been no fun. So a crackdown on beer gardens isn’t a surprise

A Plan to Solve the Housing Crisis Through Social Housing

Why America’s New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same

Yuppie Fishtanks: YIMBYism explained without “supply and demand”

Producing Affordable Housing in Rising Markets: What Works?

Can Gentrification Be Inclusive?

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