508 #339 (Money Laundering)

posted by Mike on August 10th, 2019

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, we discuss Womag, Worcester musicians, downtown, money laundering, Oxford Man, gas leaks, homelessness vs. climate, the Beatles, ICE and surveillance, the Parking Committee, and commodities prices.

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Hey! What happened to WoMag!?!?!

Wrecking Crew: An oral history of the musicians at the heart of Worcester’s rock ‘n’ roll scene

‘Five to 10 years ago, downtown was not the place to be. It was not friendly;’ Meet the team cleaning up Worcester

‘Invest it in other restaurants,’ money launderer’s wife allegedly said about drug proceeds

Corey Seymour pleads guilty to money laundering; charges tied to father’s alleged mortgage fraudEversource says it has fixed gas leaks near schools in Worcester

Brent Crude Oil/Bitcoin

For those that think homeless people migrate to warmer climates…

(A) Data in the Life: Authorship Attribution in Lennon-McCartney Songs

Politics and the City: Too many cars, too little parking

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