Murder Cats (508 #347)

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, we talk about Paul Letsky, mountain lions, vaping, City Council candidate forums, the federal judiciary, fountains, the Midtown Mall, and cybersecurity.

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Worcester in 60 Seconds:

  • There has been all sorts of alarming crime stuff, like a man trying to set his family on fire, a meth lab bust, and a loaded .22-caliber firearm being discovered in someone’s carryon luggage at the airport.
  • The last day to register to vote in the November municipal election is October 16.
  • MCAS results are in, and four Worcester schools are newly-listed as “requiring assistance”: Chandler Magnet School, Chandler Elementary School, City View School, and the Goddard School of Science and Technology.
  • In the wake of a national wave of illnesses and deaths linked to vaping, vaping sales have been halted in the state.
  • Maybe mountain lions have been sighted in the city. And maybe not.
  • And my friend Paul Letsky, who’s been called “the titan of Alcoholics Anonymous in Worcester,” died this week, hospitalized after a heart attack. Paul has had more than his shares of ups and downs, but in the last 20 years of his life, when I knew him, he was a cheerful and humble person who spent his time in service, through groups like AA, the Mustard Seed, and St. John’s Church.

Bill Shaner: Stalked by an extinct murder cat?

Kristin Wong: Lure a Lost Cat Back Home With Its Used Litterbox

Shira Schoenberg: Declaring public health emergency, Gov. Charlie Baker announces temporary ban on sale of vaping products

Hillman, Timothy S.

Nick Kotsopoulos: WRA puts owners of Midtown Mall, Great Wall building on notice after being ghosted

Elaine Thompson: Local communities fight back on cyberattacks

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