A busy day: While I was in jail, Pie and Coffee was Boing Boinged.

All hail Mark Dixon! He may not be “in conversations with a book agent and New Line Cinema,” but he is the Wal*Mart king.

Thanks to tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE’s and etta cetera’s zine Street Rat, where I first saw Mark’s article years ago. And thanks to Mark for allowing me to reprint it.

There’s a scan of Mark’s orginal zine on the project at Subnote. Note that this was way back in 2001.

teddy bears with lard
Teddy bears with lard

See: My 49 Hours at Wal-Mart: an announcement of possibility, Thoughts on “My 49 Hours at Wal-Mart”, and 49 hours at Wal-Mart vs. 39 hours in an abandoned building.

See also: Roto boingboinged, Adam Villani corrects boingboing, Allen Knutson’s latest bb contribution, Worldchanging name-checks Rudi.

I can’t find: the archived bb guest blog that linked to Interference Patterns. (Update: link in the comments.

Telegram & Gazette: Via Volcanoboy, the T&G has an on-line message board. And it sucks.

Television: Democracy Now is coming to Worcester’s WCCA TV13 starting April 3, weekdays at 8am. Some of us are so excited that we’re holding a “watch-in” outside the WCCA offices (415 Main, near City Hall) Monday morning at 8am to watch the first episode on their lobby TV. Station management loves the idea, and we’ll probably have coffee and donuts.

Monwhea: Momo Jeng cited in this Physicsweb article about whether hotter water freezes faster. Momo first researched the Mpemba effect as an undergrad. I bet by now he even knows how to pronounce “Mpemba.” (Via Mike Radford.)

Masha Wickramasinghe: was interviewed by Carl Weaver about her film, her work at the mighty WCCA TV13, and Worcester.

The Cardinals: Lots of great cardinal pix this last week on Whispers, like this one, or this one, or especially this one.

Worcester Magazine: interviews the guys at Wheaton’s about film-vs-digital cameras. These guys develop all my photos and sell me all my cameras. Nice to see their smiling faces in print.

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