Ksen gets continuance/dismissal

posted by Mike on February 15th, 2007

This morning Kevin Ksen, accused of trespassing and resisting arrest in connection with organizing and photojournalism he was doing regarding the Fox TV show “COPS”, was given a 6-month continuance, at the end of which the case will be dismissed.

The judge said: “Mr. Ksen, you stay out of trouble, the case gets dismissed in six months.”

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T&G update: Criminal charges against local activist set aside:

[ADA] Mr. Bibaud said in his motion that he had discussed the proposed disposition of the case with Police Chief Gary J. Gemme and deemed the continuance without a plea or finding a “suitable” resolution given the circumstances of the case. Mr. Bibaud said the case involved allegations that Mr. Ksen interfered with the arrest of another individual.
The prosecutor said police officials agreed with the proposed disposition, which was accepted by Judge Despotopulos.

Another T&G update:

A reader asks: Has the case been “set aside,” or “continued”?



I think the answer is: the case has been dismissed, but in order that everyone involved can save face, it’s been dismissed with this 6-month delay/continuance. “Set aside” is surely the wrong way to put it: the case has been resolved, as far as everyone involved is concerned.

See also: Worcester man arrested for flyering?, Citizen journalist files “false arrest” complaint

A few days after Kevin was arrested in July, Worcester’s Police Chief kicked “COPS” out of the city, saying:

“I just believe it is in the best interest to ask ‘Cops’ to leave.”

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