Looking back at Beyond Broadcast

posted by Mike on February 23rd, 2007

I’m attending Beyond Broadcast again this year. I wrote up some notes last year after the conference. Funny how the stuff I wrote about isn’t the stuff that stuck with me. Might as well look back at those notes anyway.

  • Public Radio Exchange is still around, though I haven’t thought about it since last year’s conference. On the other hand, last year I got to meet the people behind Radio Open Source, which didn’t seem to merit a mention at the time, but which is now the model I point to when public access TV producers ask me how to connect their blogs to their shows.
  • Digital Bicycle seems moribund.
  • Echo Chamber Project is still in action. I hope the documentary gets finished soon.
  • I’ve built a test Indymedia site on Drupal 5.0, and am waiting for a server where the production site can live.
  • The best way to post video to the web is on the Internet Archive. So when formatting video for the web, the real question is: what does the Archive want? Answer: MPEG-2s. At my TV station, we’ve downloaded suitably-licensed DVD-quality MPEG-2s from the Archive for later broadcast, which accomplishes most of what Digital Bicycle set out to do.
  • Holmes Wilson/Dan Gillmor/drinking with WGBH: I don’t think Holmes will be there this year, but Dan Gillmor is back and talking about the future of public access TV, a subject close to my heart. He’s blogged some of his thoughts here.

    Gillmor is famous for saying:

    My readers know more than I do.

    From this follows that when readers can share their knowledge without the pro journalist as intermediary, the pro journalist must reinvent the job.

    Sometime when I’m drunk, ask me to explain my corollary:

    My readers drink more than I do.

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