508 #68: WPI and PILOT

508 is a show about Worcester.

This week, I talk to Brendan Melican. Topics include inaccurate predictions, the Telegram & Gazette’s website troubles, and WPI making non-tax payments to the city.

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3 thoughts on “508 #68: WPI and PILOT”

  1. So how does a person pull papers? What kind of issues would an unknown have to run on to actually get elected to the City Council or for that matter as Mayor?

  2. Pulling papers is very easy. Go to City Hall, 2nd floor, to the Election Commission. Tell them that you want to pull papers for whatever office you’d like to run for. They’ll ask who you are (they keep track of who has them), give you copies of the nomination papers, and give you a sheet that has the info you need to know (dates, etc) on it.
    (The Election Commission workers are extremely helpful and friendly, by the way!)
    To run for an at-large seat or for school committee, you need to collect 300 signatures of registered Worcester voters. To run for a district seat, you only need 100, but they must all be from within your district.
    Issues? That isn’t as easy a question…

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