Saint Kermit podcast #47: Hot stuff

[download the mp3 of “Saint Kermit #47”]


Another episode of the green-tinged podcast.


  • Jim thinks third-party candidates didn’t do very well in Massachusetts.
  • Jim thinks Grace Ross should run for Worcester’s City Council.
  • Mike thinks WCCA is awesome.
  • Mike talks a bunch about community media and for-profit media. (If you read this blog, you’ve seen it before.)
  • Jim watched some of the new English-language al-Jazeera.


Sports crew:

  • They talk about sports.

Saint Kermit podcast #46: Democrats, Democrats Everywhere

[download the mp3 of “Saint Kermit podcast #46: Democrats, Democrats Everywhere”]

After a sleepless night riding the bus, and a long day hanging around a hospital, Mike summons the energy to phone Jim and record a podcast. They mostly complain about the Democrats.

Then Jim interviews Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern, and Anna Burger, the chair of the Change to Win Coalition.

After Mauro DePasquale’s song “In Your Hands,” the sports crew extolls the joys of tailgating.

Saint Kermit #44:”Music to Our Ears”

[download the mp3 of Saint Kermit #44: “Music to Our Ears”]

Yes, another Saint Kermit podcast.

Saint Kermit #43: Frank Talk

It’s been a depressing couple of weeks in Massachusetts politics, but Jim and I wade into the muck anyway. Then we point out that this election will determine if the Green-Rainbow Party and Working Families Party are official parties.

[download the mp3 of “Saint Kermit #43: Frank Talk”]

We rant about:

  • Kerry Healey calling Deval Patrick soft on crime
  • Somebody revealing the skeleton in Patrick’s sister’s closet
  • Rand Wilson, who is polling double-digits as “Working Families” candate for State Auditor
  • Jill Stein, polling double-digits as “Green-Rainbow” candidate for Secretary of State

Interview: Barney Frank.
Music: National Carpet.
Sports: Sport.

Saint Kermit #41: Healthy Activism

Netcasting from my friends’ home office

Another week, another amazing episode of Saint Kermit.

[download the mp3 of “Saint Kermit #41:Healthy Activism”]

Rant topics:

Guest: Maine governor candidate Pat LaMarche.

Music: Rod Murphy.

Sports: Sports.

Pat LaMarche accepts the Green Party nomination for Vice President, 2004. Photo by Mike Benedetti.

Saint Kermit #37: Race(s)

Some links to things mentioned in the most recent Saint Kermit podcast.


First, Jim Henderson and Mike Benedetti discuss poverty and race:

Interview: Jean Hay Bright, running for Senate against incumbent Olympia Snowe in Maine. Jean Hay Bright has a diary at DailyKos. TIME on Olympia Snowe: “. . . she is also known as one of the most effective advocates for her constituents.”

Music: Ad Frank, “World’s Best Ex-Boyfriend”

Sports: The crew talks with Seth Mnookin about his book Feeding the Monster and the Sox.

Note: No, I am not going to blog every St Kermit from now on.